Thursday, January 28, 2010

My big school boy

Well here he is, all dressed up for school! He was so happy on Wednesday morning as we got ready for his first school morning! It is quite a long drive to get to Ethan's new school and all along the way we had him saying, "I'm just so excited"!! Very cute.
When we arrived he found his spot on the bag rack and put his lunch into the fridge and promptly sat down and played with the 'tap tap' game (where they use little shaped wooden pieces and nails to hammer into a cork board). He was really happy so we didn't feel that we needed to stay too long. We had some hugs and said goodbye and he was all good! It all just went so well.
He was happy upon pick up at lunchtime and after a lot of prompting he shared that they'd had a little walk around the school and that he made a friend but couldn't remember his name! He also saw another little boy in year 1 (they share a playground) that he knows so that was nice. We took him out for sushi lunch (his favourite) after school! What a great day!!

We're just so proud of him *happy sigh*

Love, Claire
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kirstyj said...

oh he is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute Claire! hey congrats on ur win over at Just Add Ink! Nice 1! x

Christine Blain said...

Altogether TOO cute! My eldest son had a much-less-happy start to school (over 9 years ago, but I remember clearly!). Great to see your little cutie's enthusiasm! Thanks for sharing! :)

Claire said...

Oh Christine :( I guess we're pretty blessed that he settled well. He didn't get into kindy last year as there aren't enough places in Cairns and we moved here too late to get him far enough up the waiting list! So he is well and truly keen to get into schooling. Over halfway through his first week he's a tad tired though, understandably!