Saturday, November 28, 2009

Something a little different

In just over one weeks time we will be heading off into the sunset on a special mission! My husband Julian will be doing some relief work for an organisation called MAF - Mission Aviation Fellowship - for three weeks during December. This work involves him flying between remote Aboriginal communities in North East Arnhem Land. He will fly local people, doctors, nurses, teachers and others in this time. Ethan, Levi and myself will be accompanying him!

We lived in Arnhem Land a few years back when Ethan was a baby so we are really looking forward to returning and seeing what has changed, what is the same, catching up with people and especially seeing how the community we will stay in is going. We hear there has been quite a revival in the church there so we are looking forward to opportunities to just spend some time with them.

The island is very remote. We will travel into Gove (Nhulunbuy) on Qantas, spend a couple of days there whilst Julian does some flight checks and I do some grocery shopping and catch up with some girls. Then we will head off to the island for 2 and a half weeks. There is not a lot on the island - just a small shop and a take away. There is an art centre but I am not sure if it's operating at the moment, we'll see when we get there - it would be nice to be able to get some local artwork to bring home with us though. There is also a school, the airport (obviously) and... um... a health clinic. I think that just about covers it!

I hope to do some blogging of projects before we go... but with one week left.... and lots to organise.... I know you will all forgive me if I don't quite get there!

Blessings to you all,
Claire xo

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