Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My distraction!

I'm sorry it's been so long between posts! But I have the best excuse!! Last Monday morning I awoke to what I thought was my mobile phone alarm clock waking me at 6am... but no! It was actually my little sister Laura who lives way, way, way down and across in Perth calling me. At first I was a little perplexed at why she was calling so early especially when she suggested I hop out of bed to put the kettle on! At least until I realised that she was calling from my front door! Yes, that's right my precious little sister hopped on a plane and flew 4 hours through the night arriving at 4am and waiting patiently to the acceptable hour of 6am to come visit me in Cairns! It was such a special surprise. We had the whole week together and enjoyed doing the school run together, shopping, coffee-ing and seeing a movie and going out for dinner. It was great.
Now, If you click on this precious photo I am sure you'll notice something else new... braces *sigh* oh well they are just short term to finish straightening some stubborn teeth - they went on last Friday and they hurt like crazy... I can't wait to get them off already!
But to stamping.... you'll have to be patient! I will be back I hope very soon with some cards to share with you but in the meantime why not go try out the challenge at Just Add Ink... it closes tomorrow at midnight - quick hop to it! I am!!
Happy Stamping!
Love, Claire


Natalie Robyn said...

i believe i remember taking that photo! i am so talented! i am really happy you had that surprise! I enjoyed visiting with Laura too! have a good day

Claire said...

Yes! The photography talent executed here is just brilliant I think!! :D